Welcome To South West Reptile Rescue & Rehab

Across this site we aim to provide you with information on what we do as well as help you to understand the needs of exotic pets. We also have many reptiles that are looking for their 'forever' home and these can be found on the Adoption Page.

URGENT - Direct Rehomes

Hi visitors, we've had a number of people get in contact with us recently to help with directly re-homing their animals due to current circumstances. Please pay a visit to our adoptions page for more information.

In need of help?

Have unfortunate circumstances left you needing to re-home your reptile?

Or maybe you are looking to give a reptile a forever home?

Maybe you are just needing some advise?

We are here to help and will never ever put a healthy animal down!

We are a Not For Profit, home based Reptile Rescue with a passion for providing the best care possible! We also offer a variety of other services, including home and set up checks, educational visits, reptile shows and more!

Please ask for more details to see what we can do for you!


Educating the public is a very fulfilling part of what we do. We offer advice for free and also offer educational visits and shows for low cost because we like that others want to learn more about reptiles and the care they need.


Socialisation is done with loving care. Many reptiles don't get the attention they need and become aggressive or timid. We have helped many interesting characters to become used to their environment and the humans that care for them.


We have successfully helped many different exotic species, that have become ill, or have been injured, neglected, abandoned or abused. We give them all the time and care they need to bring them back to full health. There isn't anything we won't try to tackle

"Working to ensure the welfare of all reptiles, snakes, amphibians and inverts"