How It Started

The rescue first opened in October 2013. It was only intended as a small venture, after Jo was given her first reptile in the early parts of the year. Leon had been living and working around reptiles the majority of his life. After getting a bearded dragon as an easy pet to look after at home when she was severely ill and bed bound, Jo started studying them more in depth and joined several online reptile groups and forums. She soon realised how many unwanted and neglected reptile there were so her and Leon decided to start helping some out on a small scale and re-homing to decent homes when healthy. We made a Facebook group and word got out, then quickly we grew and grew.

With the help of a team of volunteers and amazing herp vets we now care for around 40-60 animals at any one time. We take on sick and unwanted animals from all over the UK, will give every single one a fighting chance regardless of cost, and then re-home them to loving forever homes only. We can re-home them all over the UK too due to using a very trusted and reliable reptile courier. We are available 24 hrs a day emergencies and most of the time for advice and work tirelessly round the clock to help as much as plausible.

Leon also runs his own plumbing business to fund the rescue, whilst Jo runs the rescue throughout the day, online and looks after their 3 children, alongside studying.

The doors of the rescue are open to visitor at any reasonable time by prior appointment and we can be contacted for any queries or advice via the online form or by phone. We also have a 24 hr phone line for emergencies only. If you need help re-homing your animal there is an entry adoption form that can be downloaded and emailed to us to help us put together a plan of action. If you are looking to adopt you can view all the reptiles available on the adoption page and download the adoption form from our resources and email to us.

There are also various check lists and documents available for your use in our Useful Documents along with an extensive list of reptile vets though out the UK on the Exotics Vets page.