Help Us With Donations

On average we care for up to 50 reptiles at any one time and all the money we spend on live food, equipment or vet bills etc all comes from our generous donors and topped up from our own pockets and as you can imagine this can easily run into the £1000's each year.

To give you an idea of our running costs here are some average figures:

  • £300 per month on live food
  • £90 per month on frozen food
  • £135 per month on electric bills

You add to this the vet bills, equipment replacement and the 6 monthly replacement of UV lights and the cost of running the rescue can easily run into £1,000's per year to run.

We rely heavily on the kind donations of our donors and the support of our sponsors.

Believe us when we say that every penny is spent on the running of this rescue and the much needed care of the reptiles that come to us.

All donations are welcome however big or small and can be made either via PayPal on our page.