Help Us - Wish List

As you can imagine with the number of reptiles we care for we get through a lot of heat lamps, UV lights, vivarium/terrarium decorations and everything else associated with the care of reptiles.

We are always in need of new equipment and will always appreciate the donation of new or second hand (in good and/or working condition) of any of the below equipment:

  • Vivariums & Terrariums of all sizes
  • Heat Bulbs (Ceramic, Spot, Halogen etc)
  • Heat Mats
  • Thermostats
  • UV Starter Units
  • UV Lights (T5, T8 or Compact. New Only Please)
  • Vivarium & Terrarium Decorations
  • Substrates (New Only Please)
  • Calci Dust
  • Nutribol
  • Avipro

If you have any items listed above that you would like to donate to us please do get in touch.